Once upon a time a girl with puffy hair and a never ending lust for adventures was born in Patras.

A few years later, along with her scissors, her colored pencils and her dreams she moved to Athens where she spent more than a dozen years designing dream worlds on stage and on film as a set and costume designer for the theatre and the cinema. A couple of trips around the world and a lot of dreams later, on a bright day, our adventurous girl welcomed her baby girl and the greatest adventure of them all just begun. Fotini (which literally means luminous in greek) triggered her mom’s imagination once more and Things to Love were created. The kids’ clothes and accessories company was launched in 2010 by Maria Vassilaki.

The Things to Love collection consists of clothes and accessories for toddlers and young children (and their parents) of 0 to 7 years old. All the garments are made exclusively by organic cotton and fabrics OEKO-TEX certified and, of course, Maria’s love and vibrant imagination.

And so the story goes…